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Friday, 2:30 pm

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How would you like to TRULY make a six-figure income working from home? Who wouldn’t right?!

Well I’m doing just that in what is being called the hottest, recession proof, industry and “the best kept secret” by home business experts?

The bankruptcy industry is HUGE! And it’s only getting bigger! Attorneys are overwhelmed with historically high number of bankruptcies they have to process.


Not to long ago I was sitting right where you are now, wanting and needing to increase my income, to work from home, and have more time with my family. Over the years I TRIED COUNTLESS HOME BASED BUSINESSES, trying DESPERATELY to get out of the rat race. But nothing was working, I just couldn’t seem to get ahead no matter how hard I tried, and no matter what I did, NOTHING WORKED! I mean I bought, home based business product after product, attend seminar training after another, all promising to teach me how to make it big, and they did nothing but let me down, and I WAS FED UP!

Just when I couldn’t take it anymore, worn out from failed venture after failed venture, I tearfully admitted defeat to myself and decided to settle for a mediocre life like so many before me. BUT THEN A MIRACLE HAPPENED!

I literally stumbled across the Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant business and it changed my life! 

I am now realizing my life long dreams of financial independence and working from home as a Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant. And YOU CAN TOO!!!

Don’t take my word that this is the bestbusiness opportunity, just listen to what attorneys and paralegals themselves have to say about the Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant business:

first work-at-home business opportunity… that actually works!

“This is the first work-at-home business opportunity I have seen that actually works!”

-Ahmad S.
Attorney at Law
– Chicago, IL

I wish I had known about the VBA industry years ago

“I wish I had known about the VBA industry years ago. I wouldn’t have gone to law school, would make more money, and not have any liability!”

-Michele G.
Attorney at
Law, Sacramento, CA

I have found your training invaluable

“I have just started a VBA business (incorporating into an existing freelance paralegal service), and just received and completed two complex Chapter 7 petitions. I have another one pending. I have found your training invaluable.”

-Sharon R.
Fresno, TX

Start a Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant Service, Now!

Virtual Bankruptcy AssisitantWhat is a Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant? Good question, the whole idea was new to me as well.A Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant, (VBA) prepares Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy petitions for attorneys, saving Attorneys time. The attorney then reviews the prepared petition, puts their stamp of  approval on it, and the attorney submits it to the court. It’s as simple as that!

Not only do ATTORNEYS BRING BUSINESS TO YOU, the attorneys also take on 100% of the risk and liability. 713-Training provides you with the tools and knowledge you need to prepare bankruptcy petitions quickly and accurately.

What’s in it for the Attorneys You prepare petitions for?
This saves attroneys hours of time and attorneys are willing to pay you TOP DOLLAR for your help! The attorney is freed up to work on bringing in more clients and will come back to you time and   time again to prepare their bankruptcy petitions! We even teach you how to EASILY get work from these attorneys. And believe me, they are anxious for your help and are more than willing to outsource this work to you. They simply can’t keep up with the work load and are willing to pay you $300 – $700 per petition to do this work for them.

In a nutshell Attorney’s are willing to pay you because outsourcing to Virtual Bankruptcy Assistants…
  • Frees up Attorney’s time
  • Reduces expenses and increases their profitability
  • Attorneys report that an average of 7 hours of office time is saved per petition, (but will only take you 3-5 hours to prepare the petition.)
  • Client calls to the attorney’s offices drop by as much as 75%.
  • Their profits increase by an average of 46%!

A 46% increase in profits is HUGE! Huge for any business. And if you can help them do this, of course they’re going to be willing to pay you top dollar! I make top dollar doing this myself, and we’ll teach you how you can too!

As I have became successful myself as a VBA, I have become so passionate about this opportunity that I have joined the company that trained me to be a VBA to share this amazing opportunity with YOU! So that YOU TOO can finally break free from the rat race!

In a short period of time you can very realistically be making six-figures from home!

Let me now introduce you to the creator of the VBA industry, founder of 713Training, and author of How to Start a Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant Service, your fast track guide to becoming a successful Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant. The exact same eBook I purchased to get started as a VBA myself. Updates have been made since then to stay with the times, but the awesome thing is that the demand for Virtual Bankruptcy Assistants has only grown since I first became a VBA and is only getting bigger!

Again, this is the exact training guide that got me started as a successful Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant!

713Training is the ONLY provider of Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant training, as it isn’t taught in any paralegal course or law school. We have taught thousands of VBA’s, and  we can teach you!

Please Meet Victoria Ring; Developer of the Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant Industry…

Victoria Ring Bankruptcy SpecialistWith over 20 years of experience as an author, publisher, and entrepreneur, and over 32 years of experience in the legal field, and a Certified Paralegal, Victoria Ring is a renowned Debtor Bankruptcy Specialist.

After building a successful VBA business of her own (The Lawyer Assistant), Victoria discovered a great lack of education in the drafting of well-detailed bankruptcy petitions.

So in 2003, Victoria began training these skills to attorneys, paralegals, legal assistants and other just wanting to start their own home based business. Today, Victoria has personally assisted thousands of people in starting their own successful virtual bankruptcy home business.

Victoria has combined her years of experience as a bankruptcy professional, and her experience training thousands of people into The Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant eBook and the BONUS Bankruptcy  Workbook to teach you step-by-step how to tap into this “best kept secret” business.

In a short period of time, you too can be making a six-figure income drafting detailed, accurate and professional Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy petitions for attorneys nationwide from the comfort of your own home.

But don’t let Victoria’s years of experience intimidate you! Remember, NO PRIOR LEGAL EXPERIENCE OR DEGREE REQUIRED.

I am making thousands each month as a Virtual Bankruptcy assistant, and now you can too!

Introducing your fast track to Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant cash with How to Start a Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant Service…

How to Start a Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant Service

Whether you’re completely new to the bankrupcty industry or have years of experience in the bankrupcty industry, How to Start a Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant Service is not only the bankruptcy training of it’s kind available, it’s also written so that even the complete newbie to the bankrupcty business can start a successful virtual bankruptcy assistant service and start making thousands in this booming recession proof industry!! 

Everything for each bankruptcy Form and Schedule is covered in great detai and walks you through using each one.

Also included is an entire section on methods to use when conducting client intake interviews as well as an entire list of all the documents you need when filing the bankruptcy petition to comply with the new BAPCPA law.

This guide is not just for the those completely newbie, it’s also a goldmine of information for those who may already be in the bankruptcy field and simply never had anyone who could take you by the hand and teach you everything you need to know.

From start to finish, this book outlines the entire business set-up process, but doesn’t stop there! We show you how to get Attorneys literally calling YOU to give you their business!

  • No prior legal experience required! Don’t know anything about bankruptcy law? You don’t have to have any prior legal knowledge or degree. This book is perfect for beginners on up to legal professionals, paralegals, and attorneys with little experience or even with years of experience!
  • Your service saves law firms thousands of dollars per year! And makes you thousands as a bankruptcy assistant.
  • These step-by-step training material are absolutely NOT AVAILABLE from any attorney or paralegal course!

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Why bankruptcy attorneys hire a Virtual Bankruptcy Assistants?

  • Attorneys desperately need the help keeping up with the bankruptcy work load!
  • It’s very difficult for attorneys to find a qualified person in their local area who can accurately draft bankruptcy  petitions, and they don’t have the time to train anyone. 
  • Utilizing VBAs, debtor bankruptcy attorneys can increase their productivity equating to increasing their currently hourly fee by 400%
  • Because VBAs work from their home office with fewer interruptions, they usually have more time to provide attorneys with a higher level of detail that saves law firms thousands of dollars and save them from mistakes that grow into huge problems!
  • VBAs aide in the reduction of workload for paralegals and other law office personnel working onsite for the attorney.
  • Eliminates staff costs. VBAs work under the sole discretion of the attorney just like the office staff, but without the office staff overhead.
  • And that’s just a few of the many, many reasons attorneys are HAPPY to pay you to provide this service for them!!!

This is Absolutely the best bankruptcy training program! But don’t take my word for it…

this whole Virtual Assistant is a no brainer decision

“I’ve learned quite a bit these packages are great… this whole training means a lot to me. I couldn’t possibly express how much. I was very worried about graduating next spring from the Paralegal program and having to settle on whatever was available. But this whole Virtual Assistant is a no brainer decision that will allow me to manipulate my own future instead of letting fate take its course.”

-Owen P.
Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant
Raleigh, NC

No bankruptcy attorney should be without your materials…

“Another attorney recommended your training products to me. I used them to train my office staff, and the quality of my client’s petitions has improved significantly.  No bankruptcy attorney should be without your materials.  They are right on target, and easy for everyone to understand.”

-Cameron M.
Attorney at Law
Kansas City, KS

I recommend your products to anyone

“I am a paralegal instructor.  I was so impressed with your training materials I used them to train my students.  Everyone learned a great deal including myself.  I recommend your products to anyone – beginner or advanced.”

-Martha S.
Instructor – Allen, TX


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Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant Workbook

Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant Training Workbook ($50 Value)

The Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant Training Workbook is the NUMBER ONE training workbook for bankruptcy petitions, and is the perfect training companion. You simply follow our step-by-step instructions, input the information from the included sample Client Intake Forms, then print out the bankruptcy petition and compare it with the finished version in the workbook. This helps you immediately recognize your problem areas, and we explain why it’s right and why it’s not.

These materials are NOT available from any other source!
It was developed by Victoria Ring exclusively for 713Training, who has over 20 years of experience as a bankruptcy paralegal and in the legal field. If you order today, both the guide to Start a Virtual Bankruptcy Service and VBA Workbook are Yours, EXCLUSIVELY through 713Training. These materials have been used by thousands of bankruptcy professionals as the authority on Bankruptcy Petition preparation.

The Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant Training Workbook is filled with page after page of…

  • Self-tests with complete and informative answers!
  • Completed bankruptcy petition so you can check it against your version and immediately recognize problem areas! 
  • Insider tips for all the Client Intake Forms to increase your skills dramatically!
  • Plenty of space to write notes on every page!

This is absolutely the best bankruptcy training information you can get your hands on. This FREE BONUS Workbook is a must for anyone getting into the bankruptcy industry. ($50 Value.)

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Think about this: If you were the only store within 500 miles that sold winter coats, and your store was  located near the border of Canada and the United States (where they get 300 or more inches of snow per year), how busy do you think your store would be?

You certainly would not need to advertise for customers. You definitely would need to hire employees to help you though.  You definitely would be sold out of winter coats very quickly and would need a steady and reliable supplier.  But, you would be making a ton of money.

VBAs are in the same position.  The debtor bankruptcy field is booming!!! Even attorneys working in other areas of law are flocking to this field because the market is growing by 50%, 60% and I have seen figures as high as 82%.  This has NEVER happened during the course of bankruptcy history!!

I wish I had known about the VBA industry years ago

“I wish I had known about the VBA industry years ago.  I wouldn’t
have gone to law school, would make more money, and not have any liability!”

-Michele G.
Attorney at
Law, Sacramento, CA

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3.    Your struggles to find a home based business that actually works are now a thing of the past! And using powerful strategies and techniques outlined in How to Start a Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant Business, not to mention the firepower that bonus report Skyrocketing Your VBA Income will bring to the table… the VBA business becomes your cash machine!

4.    With our 100% money back guarantee, the risk is completely removed for you. In fact if aren’t totally blown away by the power of Rapid Rewriter and the stealth techniques in Backlink Blueprint, then I don’t want your money.


Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant

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Remember, you don’t need a degree, or even legal experience! That’s one of the great things about the VBA industry.

80% of all bankruptcy cases are filed by small firms… the firms, and these Attorneys are SWAMPED with more bankruptcy petition work than they can handle, and desperately need your help!

Making a good living working from home for attorneys isn’t just a dream, it’s a reality!

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